Africa Recovery Strategy Series: The Value of Impact Investing for Equality

Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Time: 12 pm (US, New York) / 4 pm (West Africa) / 5 pm (UK) / 6 pm (South Africa) / 7 pm (East Africa)

Programme duration: 1 hour 30 minutes


Webinar Summary

Impact investment has tremendous but likely underutilised potential to advance SDG 10, which centers around reducing Inequalities. Until recently, impact investors have focused on many other SDGs and not actively interrogated how to actively impact invest to improve equity and equality, especially to counteract age-old economic disparities along lines of gender, race, national origin. Today, there is an increasing visibility of the deleterious impact of inequality, particularly racial and gender inequality, on our economies and societies.

What can and should impact investors be doing to tackle these issues? How does SDG 10 fit into the wider strategies impact funds are exploring and what can be done to further improve equality within the sector and portfolios?


Guest Speakers

  • Tara Sabre – Advisor, Shell Foundation / Impact@Africa Board Member
  • Christelle Kupa – Advisor, Uhusiano Capital
  • Moderator: David McClean, PhD, Principal, DMA Consulting Group / Impact@Africa Board Member


Key Topics

  • Synergies between SDG 10 on reducing inequalities and other SDGs
  • Key areas impact investors are already addressing (ex: gender lens segment growth)
  • Key areas impact investors still need to address (ex: racial representation)
  • Interplay  with gender and racial representation within impact fund leadership and teams
  • Recent developments
  • Expected or recommended strategies


Registration: Please use this link to register and you will receive the link for the live discussion 24 hours prior to the event.

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