Impact@Africa brings together all interested African impact investment ecosystem stakeholders

Relevant stakeholders include (but are not limited to) African Government representatives; bilateral and multilateral development partners and institutions; impact investors (such as institutional investors, specialized impact funds, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, high net-worth individuals, philanthropists, foundations, commercial banking institutions, insurance companies, investment company equity funds etc.); development finance institutions (DFIs); social enterprises; SME business development and advisory service providers; economic researchers and business focused academia; innovation and technology institutions; financial intermediaries etc.

It is absolutely necessary to have core representation of investors and investees active or with large plans for the sector in the continent. It is also equally important to proactively encourage and promote adequate participation of stakeholders from all sub-regions of the continent as well as regional and national institutions. Beyond the continent, the network will also seek membership from stakeholders such as Institutional Investors and Development Partners interested in supporting the financing of Agenda 2063 and SDGs through impact investment.

General Membership Criteria

The varying levels of Impact@Africa membership criteria include, but are not limited to:

  • The desire to be part of a collective action platform and a vibrant ecosystem of African Impact Investment stakeholders, and to contribute to its ongoing
    growth and development.
  • A willingness to share relevant information with the coordinating body for purposes of dissemination to the members of the body.
  • A willingness to contribute towards the creation, functioning, and growth of the coordinating body through the contribution of resources, financial or in kind, and explore mutually reinforcing actions with other members as needed by the body.
  • As an investor, members must prove prior investments into social and/or environmental impact enterprises.
  • As an investee, members must prove innovation and implementation of socially and environmentally impactful ventures and enterprises.

Membership Benefits

Investors will benefit from a focused group and unified voice to bring common issues to the attention of Governments and policy makers. They will gain valuable insights, data, and information from newsletters, brochures, and websites, plus access to collective research.

The impact investment network supports the creation of standards and best practices and assists in deal sourcing and facilitation of connection with investees in Africa.

All the benefits investors receive will promote more effective investment, the sharing of information, and prevent the expense of duplication of actions in the impact investment sector. 

Investees will benefit through the provision of an accredited ’label’ verified through external, third party identification against an agreed social enterprise definition, that raises their profile and credibility to investors at continental level.

They will also benefit from connection to capacity building institutions relative to their needs, which will facilitate their readiness and ability to absorb impact investment.

Impact@Africa membership as an Investee offers the benefits of access to data and information materials that give valuable insights and trends which help build a better understanding of their sectors.

Intermediaries will benefit through facilitated connections with government, investors and investees to ensure all three have access to expert assistance relative to their respective needs.

Intermediaries will also receive access to information that will enhance their understanding of the sector they are working within and offer insights on current trends. They may also receive shared information via databases on various investors and investees.